Software developer, and marcial art lover.

I am Luis Fernando, a software developer architect and martial art lover. based in Ecuador. I thrive on creating value through Web3 and Blockchain technologies. Challenges fuel my passion, and I am always eager to learn, travel, indulge in delicious food, and explore new cultures. At this stage of my life, the phrase that resonates with me is "Senri no michi mo, ippou kara" which translates to "A road of a thousand miles starts with a first step."

Exploring the ModeNetwork Universe - Road to "The Mode"

From learning the basics to developing my first dapp, a donation application, marking a milestone in my journey of contribution to the ecosystem.

Oracles - Road to blockchain

In ancient Greece, the oracles provided humans with anssrc/data/ from the gods to any question they had!

Communicating with the Blockchain - Road to blockchain

Discover how interacting with Smart Contracts and Blockchain is transforming entire industries, offering secure and automated transactions for a more trustworthy and transparent future.

Discovering Ethereum - Road to blockchain

Discovering the universe of decentralized applications (dApps).

Starting with blockchain - Road to blockchain

Wolfcito welcomes you to the road to the blockchain.

Important blockchain concepts that are essential to understand. - Starting in web 3.0

When I started in the web3 world, I didn't have enough context. That's why I wrote all of this for all of you. The following is not a deep definition, but I'm sure it will give you a good first approach to web3, specifically to blockchain from a programmer's point of view.

Best practices

Programation Tips

Tips and recommendations on how to write clean code, maintain readability, adhere to coding standards, and apply solid design principles.

Avoid these 8 bad habits to grow as a programmer.

Overcome the obstacles on your path to growth as a programmer. Discover the 8 bad habits you must avoid to achieve excellence in software development. Learn how to optimize your productivity, enhance your skills, and stand out in the programming world. Get ready to propel your career forward with this invaluable knowledge!